7 Effective Ways to Overcome Android Mobile Slow and Fast Heat

7 Effective Ways to Overcome Android Mobile Slow and Fast Heat


 Is your Android hot fast? plus slow? if you experience it surely you will feel annoyed right ?. Yes, some time ago I also experienced it and was a little annoyed waiting for the slow response of the Android phone .

Is the HP slow and easy to heat affected by HP specifications that are less sophisticated or still low ?, For example, HP RAM is still 1 GB, Internal Memory is still 4Gb, and the processor is still low. In my opinion, not all due to slow and hot Android phones because the specifications are outdated and long used there could be other factors such as exposure to viruses, excessive application usage, newly downloaded application bugs and so forth.

If you experience a slow and hot Android cell phone don’t get nervous fast, you can at least deal with it in the following way:

First, Take Time to Update Software & Applications 

One of the causes of cellphone slow is that there are bugs from the “android” smartphone application you are using. Usually the bug will be fixed by the developer and we as users must update the application by updating the software in settings.

From this it is better for you to activate the auto update  operating system on your smartphone so that you do not miss to immediately update the operating system on the Android phone that you are using.

Second, delete unnecessary files

The cause that often occurs when your Android cellphone is slow is memory that is not sufficient or not enough. Therefore you have to delete some files that you don’t need for HP to return to normal.

Even so sometimes there are also some applications that cause your Android cellphone to slow down and overheat, especially games. Usually the game requires a lot of RAM in running the game, therefore you must know the specifications of your android phone. If it is not strong in some applications that require more performance then you better remove the application so that your smartphone’s performance returns to work normally.

Third, Upadate Required Applications Only

My recommendation is that you should not always update every application on your smartphone. It could be that always updating each application will make your Android cellphone slow and hot quickly.

This can happen because the memory cannot accommodate files in your application and RAM performance will be heavy when updating the application. If you come across an Android phone that you use automatically updating it is better to cancel it first and select the application that you really need to update for example “whatsapp”.

That way you can finalize the use of RAM in every application you use.

Fourth, don’t use too much anti-virus software

It’s better if you use just one anti-virus to secure your android cellphone because if you use too many anti-viruses, it will cause your cellphone to be more slow. This is due to the performance of anti-virus running automatically in the background of the screen of your Android phone.
Just imagine for example you have more than one anti-virus and each anti-virus application runs automatically in the background of the screen, it will certainly interfere with the performance of your cellphone androd.

Fifth, Avoid Using Widgets from HP Default Applications

Like the default HP anti-virus widgets such as clock, weather, notes etc. can also make your Android phone slow and hot quickly because it consumes quite a lot of RAM. As a result of this is nothing but because the widget runs automatically on the background of the cellphone screen.

Therefore, make sure you use widgets that are needed and important, just like a clock that has been integrated with the date. That way the RAM performance will be slightly reduced and your cellphone will not slow down.

Sixth, Diligent to Scan for Viruses

If at the previous point you should not install too many anti-viruses, then at this point you are required to be diligent in using anti-virus to scan your Android cellphone regularly.

With a virus scan at least avoid dangerous viruses that can interfere with the performance of your android cellphone because it could be that your cellphone is slow caused by a virus that attacks on your android cellphone.

Seventh, Clearing the Application Cache

Every time you install an application there will certainly be a cache file whose function is to store data temporarily from the application you installed. The cache file if you let it accumulate will cause your memory to be full and disturb the performance of RAM.

Therefore you should be diligent in clearing the application’s cache file. You can clear the cache in the installed application in the settings menu. You just need to click the destination application then select delete cache.

For effectiveness, you can also install special applications to clear cache such as CCleaner. You can download it at Play Store.

In addition, Reset HP or Buy a New Android Phone

If you have already done the seven steps but your Android phone is still slow then you need to use the final step which is to buy a new cellphone with specifications that are higher than your previous cell phone.

By buying a new cell phone, you will certainly not experience problems such as slow and hot. If you do not have the money to buy a new cellphone, you can reset your android phone which is slow and hot quickly. By resetting it, your Android cellphone will appear inside it like a cellphone you just bought from the factory and of course RAM performance will return to how it was when we bought it.

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