Booting the Flashdisk Install Windows on a UEFI System


Booting the Flashdisk Install Windows on a UEFI System


Booting Flashdisk Install Windows on UEFI Systems – Laptops that use UEFI systems with hard disk partition type are that GPT cannot install windows as usual as in any Bios system. Installation can be done using a dvd or usb flash that supports the UEFI system.

This is also my first time experiencing it. After browsing I finally got a way to install windows on the UEFI bios systemin the Eightforum forumI tried to do an experiment using a bootable flashdisk. Flashdisk that we use must be formatted according to UEFI standards, namely with the GPT type.

Flashable bootable steps for installing Windows on the Bios UEFI system

  1. Prepare a flashdiks of at least 4GB for bootable Windows 10
  2. Prepare windows 10. iso file. We recommend the 64bit version. According to the eightforum 32bit forum does not support. I also have not tried using the 32bit version.
  3. Download the Rufus application at application is useful for making bootable windows on a flash with various types of partitions, one of which is the type of GPT for UEFI Systems.
  4. Run the Rufus application, connect the USB flash drive to your computer. The choice of device is the choice of USB flashdisk, this application will automatically search for USB devices.
  5. Partition scheme and target system type are options to change the flash into GPT type. This is what really plays when installing Windows on the UEFI bios system.
  6. File system leave by default (FAT32)
  7. The other options leave by default. And on the Create a bootable disk option using ISO Image browse files in Windows 10 in the form of ISO format.
  8. Click start to begin the process of changing the type of flash into GPT and at the same time make bootable Windows 10.
  9. For the installation process on a laptop, leave the system configuration as UEFI and boot using the bootable flasdisk.
  10. At the time of installation, delete all old GPT system partitions consisting of 4 partitions, then the system will automatically create a hard drive partition for installation into 4 new partitions.

I have tried these steps on the MSI Gaming series laptop and it works. Good luck.

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