Changing Facebook Display to Flat

Changing Facebook Look to Flat – This time tecniwordl will share a Google Chrome extension that is quite interesting to try, Facebook Flat . Indeed, the appearance of Facebook now is quite elegant and flexible, but these advantages are weaknesses. With such features, of course, it takes a lot of code and it will make loading heavy, especially if you use an below average internet connection.

By using this Facebook Flat extension in addition to making Facebook look new and interesting, another benefit of this extension is that it will reduce the burden of loading when you open Facebook.

How to Change the Look of Facebook to Flat

1. Open the Google Chrome Browser

2. Then install the Facebook Flat extension by opening the link

Facebook Flat

Wait until the install process is complete.

3. When finished, log in to your Facebook . Then the results will look like the image below

Front page


Display Facebook Flat


Profile page


Facebook Flat Profile Display

4. If you want to turn off (temporarily) this extension, you only need to press the button on the top left of the Facebook page like this

Change Facebook Display

5. Okay, done. Enjoy Facebook with a new look.

Thus the article about How to Change Facebook Display to Flat , may be useful.

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