Easy Ways to Install WhatsApp on a Computer

Easy Ways to Install WhatsApp on a Computer – Maybe you think that the WhatsApp application can only be run on a Smartphone. When in fact it isn’t! WhatsApp can we run also on Personal Computers / Computers and Laptops. This is certainly the best solution if you can’t open WhatsApp on a Smartphone.

Because the WhatsApp application is made specifically to be installed on a Smartphone, to install WhatsApp on a computer requires a special application again. If we want to install WhatsApp on a computer or laptop, we must use the Emulator application.

It’s not difficult to install WhatsApp on a computer or laptop. As we install WhatsApp on a Smartphone that only takes a few seconds.

How to Install WhatsApp on a Computer / Laptop with Emulator

To install WhatsApp on a computer or laptop make sure you already have the WhatsApp and Emulator application. The WhatsApp application can be downloaded on the official WhatsApp page As for the Emulator, I recommend the Youwave application.

If you have downloaded the two applications, now we just start the tutorial. Installing WhatsApp on a computer is only 8 steps, namely:

  1. Please download the WhatsApp application on the link that I directed above;
  2. Also download the helper application to install WhatsApp, the Youwave application on the link I have given above;
  3. After successfully downloading the Youwave application, now you install the application on the computer or laptop that will be installed WhatsApp later;
  4. Successfully install the Youwave application, now you move the downloaded WhatsApp application as the first step to C: / Program Files / Youwave / Android Apps or C: / Users / (Computer Users / Laptops Names) / Youwave / Android Apps ;
  5. Now you open the Youwave application that you have successfully installed. Automatically, the display will appear. Please double-click the WhatsApp application that appears to install WhatsApp on your computer / laptop. Follow all instructions to install WhatsApp until it’s finished (Finish);
  6. If the WhatsApp install process is correct, then after the install is complete, a ” Welcome to WhatsApp ” dialog box will appear The next step, please click ” Agree and Continue “;
  7. The next step you have to do is register as when registering on WhatsApp on a Smartphone by using a mobile number. Later you will also get a verification code sent by SMS;
  8. Finish installing WhatsApp on a computer or laptop and now the WhatsApp application can be used. Please try to communicate with other people.

I apologize for the rush, this tutorial does not include a picture. I assume you can practice it. Maybe the article How to Install WhatsApp on a Computer / Laptop is sufficient. Hopefully this article has its benefits and see you again in other cool and interesting articles. Greetings success always.

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