How to Block WhatsApp Contacts – The advantage of WhatsApp is that it is used by almost all smartphone users. This may be due to WhatsApp contact data using contact phone numbers that already exist on an android smartphone, so there is no need to add contacts manually.

But then, if for example you don’t want to receive messages and calls from certain contacts, what can you do? Yes, you can refuse to receive messages by blocking the contact number on the WhatsApp application that you have.

How to Block WhatsApp Contacts on Android

As mentioned on the official WhatsApp website, here’s how to block a contact on an Android phone:

  1. Open WhatsApp and open the Chatting screen.
  2. Press the Menu Button >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> then Contacts Blocked.
  3. The screen will then display all the contacts that have been blocked.
  4. Press the Add blocked contact icon at the top right to add a list of contact numbers that you want to block.



  1. If you want to unblock, the method >> do steps 1 to 3 above, then long press on the contact you want to unblock, then select Unblock.
  1. To block unknown people, how to >> open a chat with that person, swipe the screen to the very top, then select Block.


What Happens When Blocking Someone?

Maybe my friend questioned What happens when I block someone on WhatsApp ?. First and for sure, of course, my friend will not receive messages or calls from them again. However, there are more things that happen if you block someone, here are the details of what will happen if you block someone, taken from the Official WhatsApp site:

  1. WhatsApp messages sent by blocked contacts will not be displayed on your mobile and will never be sent to you.
  2. Information recently viewed and online will no longer be visible to contacts you have blocked.
  3. Updates to your status message will not be visible to all blocked contacts. Learn more about the status features here.
  4. Any changes you make to your profile photo will not be seen by the contacts you have blocked.
  5. You can no longer send messages or call contacts that have been blocked until you unblock them.


Blocking someone will not delete the contact from your WhatsApp Contacts list, nor will you delete friends from their WhatsApp Contacts list. To delete a contact on WhatsApp, you have to delete that person’s phone number from your Phone Book.

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