How to Change Your Spotify Username

Easy Way to Change Your Spotify Username – If you are annoyed with random numbers claiming identity on Spotify, we have some bad news for you: Spotify doesn’t allow users to change their usernames, and the music streaming service hasn’t announced plans to change that fact soon. .

If you want to change your Spotify username, here are the next two best options for completing work.

How to change your Spotify username: Connect your account to Facebook


Spotify users can connect their accounts to Facebook to simplify the login process, transfer their profile photos, and connect with friends to see what they are listening to in real time. 
Below is the easiest way to replace Spotify with your name on Facebook, and connect the two accounts.

Change your Spotify username on Desktop (Computer)

Change your Spotify username on Desktop (Computer)
1. Pay attention in the top right corner of the Spotify application on the computer, 
2. Click the down arrow that will take you to “Settings.” 
3. Then look for the ” Facebook ” section under ” Social ” and click the blue button that says ” Connect to Facebook .”
4. After you click the button, you will be directed to the login page. 
5. Enter your Facebook details, and the account will join together with your new and better username.

Change your Spotify username on mobile and tablet

The steps for an HP or tablet are similar to the steps for a computer. 
1. Open the Spotify application on your cellphone and open the “Library” tab. 
2. Tap the settings wheel in the upper right corner and find ” Facebook ” under Social.
3. After you click “Connect to Facebook,” enter your login details and the account will be connected.
Change your Spotify username on your mobile or tablet
Make sure you link to the right Facebook account. If you have someone else’s Facebook open on your computer or device,

How to change your Spotify username: Create a new account

If you don’t want to connect your Facebook account, you can delete your current Spotify account and create a new one. During your playlist saved (more about that later), what exactly do you have to lose?
1. Close your current account
Close the current Spotify account
Permanently closing the Spotify account that you are currently using is the first step of the process. Make sure you cancel the subscription, if you have one, the account will return to “Free” and you can make a request to close .
2. Register for a new account
Register for a new Spotify account
Create a new account by registering or re-downloading Spotify. When filling out the form, you will be able to create the username you want.
However, be wise with your decision. Creating a third account just to have a username for a while may not be worth the complexity.
Similarly, for the discussion of an easy way to change your Spotify username, hopefully it will be useful, thank you.

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