How to check your own mobile number

How to Check Your Own Mobile Number – Make friends who like to change numbers sometimes like to forget their own mobile number. An easy way to find out our cellphone number is by miss call to other cellphones but the problem is if we run out of credit can’t miss a call then it will be a problem of its own especially if the starter card box that reads our number is also lost, of course we will find it difficult to find out our cellphone number.

Actually we can fill this pulse with physical vouchers then do a miss call but sometimes the problem is if we don’t find a physical voucher seller that has an electric voucher seller. Of course in this case it is very important to know the cellphone number that we use at that time.

How to check your own mobile number

Here I share some easy ways to find out my own mobile number  :

  • For Mentari and IM3 numbers. Just type *777*8#and call / ok
  • For xl type *123*6*3*1*1#and call / ok or*123*7*1*1*1#
  • For axis type *2*2#and call / ok
  • For Fren send sms then type STATUS send to 551
  • there will be a message “You are in a cellular service with an active number 0888xxx …”
  • For Telkomsel type: *808*nomortelkomsel #
  • For 3 type *998#

Those are some tricks to check what number is on our cellphone . May be useful.

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