How to Deactivate Automatic Video Playback on Facebook

How to Deactivate Automatic Video Playback on Facebook – Lately I feel uncomfortable when opening Facebook, especially when opening news feeds / news on the front page of Facebook because if there are friends who share videos on the news then the videos will play automatic.

It’s still better if the video being shared is funny because at least it will be entertaining, it is different if the video shared is categorized as disturbing video and it will indeed be quite disturbing.

Therefore here I will give a few tips on how to disable automatic video playback on Facebook, please note.

How to Disable Automatic Video Playback on Facebook

The first step is to log in to the Facebook site first, then click the drop-down menu, select the Settings menu See the example image below

Open Facebook settings

Then click the Video menu in the left hand menu section, look in the Automatic Video Playback section , select Off .

Disabling Video on Facebook

After that, please check back on your Facebook news. Now the video that you see won’t play automatically.

Easy enough right? Similarly, about How to Disable Automatic Video Playback on Facebook , may be useful.

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