How to Deactivate Inspect Elements on a Blog


How to Deactivate Inspect Elements on a Blog – In this post I will share the process by which you can limit Inspection Elements on a blog. But for those of you who don’t know what Inspect Element is, I will give brief details about it below.

What is the Function Inspect Element on a Blog?

Inspect Element is a very useful feature that is available on the desktop version in any browser. This feature makes visitors know the site’s code and even edit and manipulate them from the source.

This tool is often used by web designers to find out CSS and / or HTML code on other blog sites that might prove useful to them.

If you don’t want the blog’s theme code to be known to others, you can prevent that from happening by turning off the Javascript debugger, which later the blog template will be safer than some code that is directly copied.

How to Deactivate Inspect Element on Blog?

Follow the steps below carefully to disable Element Inspection on the Blog:
1. Open the Blogger Dashboard, Select Theme . Click the Edit HTML button and place the code below before the code </body>


<script type='text/javascript'>
// Inspect
!function tundefined){try{!function tundefinedn){1===undefined""+n/n).length&&0!==n||functionundefined){}.constructorundefined"debugger")undefined),tundefined++n)}undefined0)}catchundefinedn){setTimeoutundefinedt,5e3)}}undefined);

2. Click the Save Theme / Template button Done .

Check the results by trying to check the elements of your blog yourself
However this is not a 100% efficient method because people might try to disable JavaScript d. I have another method that I installed below. 
I hope this post solves the problem you have about Disabling Inspect Element on the Blog , Plus I also added Anti-JavaScipt disabler and Anti-Right Click for additional protection.
Likewise for this post, hopefully useful, thank you, if you are still confused, ask directly in the comments, thank you.

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