How to Delete and Disable Facebook Account Permanently

How to Delete and Disable Facebook Account Permanently


Facebook tips this time is how to delete or deactivate Facebook accounts permanently, aka it can’t be opened / accessed forever anymore. If you are tired of playing Facebook, that is, socializing with close friends and distant acquaintances, getting bored with the many advertisements that appear, getting bored and not liking the behavior of some Facebook users who like to add you to an unclear FB Group, or maybe don’t like Facebook because You have succeeded in making rival social media, angry at Facebook for causing your lips to bite when eating, or for reasons that only you and God knows, then you are given the right to delete your Facebook account.

Today Facebook is not only used for status and chat only, but also has covered a variety of things, including business affairs, promotions. However, sometimes it is from its development that causes some unscrupulous Facebook users increasingly annoying behavior. Things that are annoying include our Facebook that always adds others to groups that are not automatically clear, our Facebook that is often added by others to groups that are not clear, span ads that keep coming incessantly, display images and videos that are not supposed to there, and many more.

The reasons above are likely to be a big reason someone is very forced to delete their Facebook account. Facebook has provided 2 special services to delete or deactivate FB accounts, which are the temporary and permanent deactivations.

To temporarily disable your Facebook account, please click the reverse triangle menu icon> Settings> Security located in the left column> Deactivate your account. After that, follow the next confirmation steps. To delete a Facebook account permanently, please see the following way.

How to delete and disable Facebook account permanently

Make sure you are logged in to Facebook, then open the link: a like this will appear.

Delete facebook account forever

Continue to click “Delete my account”. A new display will appear again, enter your password in the field provided, then enter the captcha, then click OK. Finally, click OK, to complete the permanent Facebook account deactivation.

Congratulations, your Facebook account has been permanently deleted. Actually you are still given the opportunity in a vulnerable period of 14 days to reopen the account that you just deleted. To anticipate if it turns out there is still data or other things that need to be saved from the Facebook account. However, if for 14 days you no longer log in to Facebook, then say good bye to your Facebook account.

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