How to Delete Google Chrome History

Do you wish you could clear the Google Chrome search history and start with a clean slate? Luckily, this is possible and easy to do! There are several benefits to clearing search history.

First and foremost is privacy. Of course, Google will still have all your search history on file, but that will stop snooping on family members, friends from seeing what you have been searching for on the internet.

How do you delete your Google Chrome history?

Here I will discuss the complete way below through the Laptop / Computer and Android devices both look good for maximum results.

How to Delete History on Google Chrome Computers


1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer.
2. Click the three-dot Icon at the top right in the Google Chrome menu.
3. Select History > History or you can use the PC shortcut key  Ctrl Ctrl + U to make it faster.
How to Delete History on Google Chrome Computers


4. In the Chrome History option, select Clear Browser Data .


5. In the Clear Basic data browsing option select the time range,   select the time history you want to delete, then select Clear Data. Done..
How to Delete History on Google Chrome Laptop

Note: In the second option in the Advanced menu next to basic you can delete all history, Cache starts from the password stored in the Google Chrome browser, etc. …

How to delete Google Chrome Android History

1. Open the Google Chrome Browser on Android 

2. Select Menu> History or type in the search box. This application will load your History page. 3. At the top of the window, you will see a button labeled Clear Browsing Data . Click that. 4. There are Basic and Advanced tabs that you can switch between. Whatever you use, make sure you have selected Search History. When you are ready, tap Erase Data  and // history

How to delete Google Chrome Android History

Now it’s done .. what is deleted if using the method above is search history in all types of browser cache, email passwords, Facebook and other social media accounts that are related to that before deleting consider carefully

Similarly to How to Delete the History of Google Chrome hopefully useful if there are complaints please ask in the comments column thanks.


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