How to Download Instagram Video Photos on Android and iPhone

How to Download Instagram Video Photos on Android and iPhone


How to Download Instagram Video Photos on Android and iPhone – Who doesn’t currently use the Instagram application or the popular one called IG? Surely many have used it because around 7 million internet users in Indonesia are actively using Instagram every day.

A little introduction to Instagram (IG) is a social media platform that provides a variety of information services in the form of photos or images and also short videos. It’s a little different from Facebook and Twitter.

So because there are many enthusiasts who need a way to download Instagram photos on the Android iPhone, finally I also want to make this article. Who knows, the same is also looking for ways to take or download photos, images & videos on Instagram from the latest Android and iOS smartphones, iPhones, & iPads so you can still update them.

How to Download Instagram Video Photos on Android and iPhone

Immediately, for how to download photo files, images (images), or videos on Instagram via Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and iOS and BlackBerry is very easy. Simply download a third party application (3rd party apps) called Instagrab and can be downloaded via the Apps Store or Google Play Store.

Download the Instagrab application (by Yong Chen) on the App Store for iPhone, iPad & iOS users
Download the Instagrab application (by Golden Horizon Studio) on the Google Play Store for Android users.

If it’s already downloaded, just log in using your Instagram account.
When you are logged in, just search for Instagram (IG) account who you want to take or download photos, images and videos.

Easy enough right? For Instagrab, why did I give the maker or developer because there are quite a number of similar applications also called Instagrab. And 2 above is the best Instagrab application or Instagram image download taker according to the latest Indonesian online media.

Please remember in taking or downloading photos, images (videos), videos on Instagram do not forget copyright or copyrighted works, so do not be misused. Use it for good and right according to the purpose of social media itself, namely sharing informative and useful things.

Both of the above Instagrab applications are free and don’t use watermarks on every image file, photo, video that we download, so we can re-upload them comfortably. Good luck and how to download photos & videos on Instagram via Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS for free.

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