How to Flash Nokia Phones with Phoenix

How to Flash Nokia Phones with Phoenix – If you have an error, forget your password, suddenly die because of plunging into the water, or all sorts of other errors, don’t rush to the counter to be reinstalled. We try everything possible first, if we can why not? Okay, see the following way.

This Nokia Flash can also update the firmware (software in our cellphone) so that the version is more updated and better features. This step is available when running the navifirm programbelow.


  • reinstall / flash is only for NOKIA mobile phones, otherwise it CANNOT
  • I am not responsible for everything that may occur, I just share experiences here
  • Make sure your PC / laptop is connected to the internet (this is only for downloading the type of firmware that suits your cellphone using the Navifirm application)



Navifirm – this is for downloading your cellphone firmware (HP firmware is a package that contains basic HP software (such as sms, contact, gallery, etc.) that will be installed on the cellphone. So every cellphone has different firmware) download navifirm here here

Phoenix – software needed to reinstall / flash. Download here The


    • install the phoenix you have downloaded
    • Open navifirm.exe that you downloaded
    • then choose your Nokia nokia series (for example mine C3-00)
    • then choose the release version (try to choose the lowest one because it’s the most updated one)
    • after that, select the variant (try to select the one with Indonesian writing, if there isn’t, choose up to you)
    • in files – select All – then click download
    • then place the download file in a folder.
How to Flash Nokia Phones with Phoenix
    • then copy all the firmware files that you downloaded and paste in the directory (C / ProgramFiles / Nokia / Phoenix / Product)
    • Then connect the HP to the PC / laptop and make sure that the PC has detected an incoming USB cable / Nokia PC Suite is connected to the HP.
    • open the phoenix that you have downloaded.
    • for which the cell is totally dead / cannot be opened >> on connection select no connection,
    • to reinstall / flash the cellphone while on >> select the connection that is RM-xxx according to the type of product you downloaded earlier
    • After that, select file – open product, then there will appear firmware that you have copied to the Phoenix product directory
  • Select the product then click OK
  • then enter the flashing tab – select firmware update
  • then enter your product code in the list provided
  • if the cellphone is off – >> check the USB flashing dead phone, or if the hp is on – >> no need to check the dead phone.
  • then click refurbish. If the flash in cellphone is turned off go to step 18 below.
  • then a message will appear to follow the instructions. just follow the instructions: (steps 3 and 4 can be reversed)

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