How to Help Children Utilize Technology Appropriately

Ways to Help Children Utilize Technology Appropriately – In an age of sophistication with a variety of technologies dominating life, wise parents need to introduce the technology to children. With the introduction of technologies such as laptops and gadgets as early as possible, children will get into the flow of modern globalization, they will not be left behind by their peers.

But unfortunately, the name of technology always provides a balance, which is a positive impact and can also have a negative impact, depending on how people use it. so that children do not fall into negative impacts, parents must have a way to utilize technology that is good for children.

1. Schedule a Time for Children to Play with Technology

Technology is a fun learning tool. A variety of animated images that are colorful and can move is one of the main attractions. All children would love to learn to use a laptop. Then don’t waste this opportunity. You can insert various applications to play and learn in the gadget. This is how to use technology for the first child.

2. Vary the Existing Technology

The second way to use technology is to provide variations. After the child knows one type of game, then download another learning media, which if varied and can broaden the child’s insight. For example, you download a game that recognizes colors, shapes, or puzzles.

3. Don’t Forget to Make Rules and Limitations

Make a special schedule for children in playing technology. You can give it every day, but within a limited period of time, for example in the afternoon after he takes a shower, or in the afternoon after he comes home from school. You can give it 1-2 hours. You can also download the parental control application to help you limit how long children play and what games may be played according to their age.

4. Do Only According To Portion

Don’t just give time to play using technology. But give him time to go out to play with friends, do sports, go for fun, and explore everything around him. That is the right way to use technology for children.

5. Give Cognitive Stimulation

The next way to utilize technology is to provide cognitive stimulation. In order to make learning activities using technology more interesting and not boring, download a story from the internet. Mix the story with the child according to the intonation and character depicted in the story. even better if equipped with pictures. Thus, you have improved your child’s ability to think, solve simple problems, and digest information well.

6. Sharpen children’s motor skills

It turns out that when a child presses a keyboard button, touches the gadget’s screen, or moves a finger to touch the mouse, it can provide additional motor functions. That movement can train the sharpness of coordination between eyes and hands.

It is very important for all parents to learn technology and know how to use technology. Follow the current technological advances, because children will be actively involved when playing laptops, so don’t forget to keep an eye on and participate when he plays technology.

All the rules and restrictions that have been made are ways to utilize technology for children. Train your child to discipline to obey all agreements that have been made together. If it’s not a schedule for playing laptops or gadgets, then you should keep both objects away from your child’s view.

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