How to Hide Photo Albums on Facebook

How to Hide Photo Albums on Facebook – Have you ever had difficulty setting Facebook photo albums to be hidden? We feel that Facebook users will not find it difficult but the situation is different from new users or beginners.

Sometimes they still feel confused, even to upload photos alone can not. Next see the steps on how to hide a photo album on Facebook :

1. Login your Facebook account.

2. Then select the photo album you want to hide.

3. At the bottom of the photo there is a setting icon , click the icon.

4. Select ‘Only Me’ , meaning that only you can see the photo album.

Now other people can’t see your photo album, but you can also hide the album only with one person. Immediately, the following steps:

1. After step three above, select Special .

2. Then on the box‘Don’t share this with’ , fill in the name you want.

How to Hide Photo Albums on Facebook

3. Click ‘Save Changes’ .

Now, by filling in the name in the ‘Don’t share this with’ box earlier, your friend can’t see your photo album.

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