How to Increase Blog Visitors Easily

Every blogger would want his blog visited by people. Many ways you can do to get a lot of blog traffic . Whether it’s free or paid.

Some web owners or bloggers for the sake of getting traffic / visitors in large numbers, are willing to spend time for blogwalking.

This sometimes feels saturating and you must have a strong passion to be able to do it regularly.

But there are also other ways that can be done besides by way of blogwalking.

How to Increase Blog Visitors Easily

How to increase traffic or blog visitors quickly? Below will be explained some tips that can be taken to get website or blog visitors. Here are 5 tips you can use.

1. Create a Quality Article

The first tips that can be done to get large amounts of traffic is to create quality articles.

That is, articles are made by themselves (not copy paste), and as much as possible for writing that is needed by many people and can be helpful and useful. Besides that, it is better if you make an article with long content.

Then, how to make articles that are sought after by many people?

You can do this by looking at several blogs that fit your blog niche. Then, look at the popular post widget if there is one. If there isn’t, you can also look at the articles and look for one that has a lot of comments in it.

If you have found it, make an article on your blog with a similar topic.

Another way can be with help Google Trend . There you can see hot news that many people are looking for on a certain date according to the language chosen.

For better results, make articles in large numbers and keep your blog updated regularly.

By containing quality articles, visitors will think of coming back to visit your blog or website later.

Is this enough? Certainly not. If you already have a lot of quality articles but after that don’t do anything then the blog will still be devoid of visitors.

Well, the next step that can be done can be seen in the next tips.

2. Apply SEO Techniques Correctly

One of the best ways to increase web traffic is to use correct SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

Many SEO techniques can be learned and applied to your blog. But equally important are quality articles as explained in the first point above.

Also follow regularly the latest SEO tips so you can continue to optimize properly. Google, for example, has changed its search engine algorithm several times to maximize its search results.

If you succeed in optimizing SEO web well then the chances are in the top 10 search engines will be even greater. That way, visitors will also increasingly flood your web pages.

But remember, you must be diligent in updating the blog by making posts regularly. Because with a small amount of writing, of course visitors from search engines will also be small. Conversely, if more posts are made then visitors will increase.

3. Share articles to social networking sites

Apart from doing search engine optimization, another way to find visitors is to share (share) posts to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many more.

Articles can be shared not only by you, but also by readers with a record of having a social networking account. To make it easier, put a share button on each article.

The more people who share your articles through the share button, the greater the traffic that can be obtained from the relevant social media sites.

To further maximize visitors from social media create an account or a special page for your blog. On that page you can form a community by displaying the url on your blog.

If the community or the number of followers is getting bigger, then you share the article on that page then your chance to get visitors from social networks is also greater.

4. Advertise

This method is also a lot of people do because it is quite instant in getting visitors.

It’s just to place an ad you have to pay to the web owner. If you want to advertise on more sites, the budget that must be spent will also be more and more.

Although actually there is also a place to place ads that are free, such as classified ad sites. However, visitors are certainly not as optimal as paid advertising.

If you want to place paid advertisements, pay attention to the amount of web traffic where the ads will be installed. The greater the traffic or visitors, the more visitors can be obtained through the web.

In addition to ordering by web owners, you can also order ads to Pay Per Click (PPC) sites. The payment method is based on the number of clicks on the ad.

Users who register on the PPC site consists of two types, namely advertiser (advertiser) and publisher (ad publisher).

On this site you must register as an advertiser to be able to advertise. While the publisher is the owner of a blog or website that will display ads that have been ordered to the PPC site on the website they have.

So here your ad will appear on many websites.

PPC site that is widely used today to advertise is one of the services of Google, Google AdWordsIf ordering on Google Adwords your ad will not only appear on the publisher’s website but also on the google search page if it matches the keywords being searched.

5. Blogwalking

Blogwalking is the activity of visiting other people’s blogs, then leaving a trail or comment. With blogwalking you will usually feel the impact quickly. However, this method has shortcomings, namely temporary.

Blogwalking is a good way to start searching for blog traffic. Because in addition to being able to get visitors quickly, you will also show interaction with other bloggers. This can be an opportunity to get acquainted with fellow bloggers, especially if the blog visited has the same topic as your blog.

This method is directly proportional to whether you do it diligently. That is, if you want to get large numbers of visitors by blogwalking, you must also be diligent in doing so.

When blogwalking leave the blog url where you did it.

If you comment you should not do it carelessly but in accordance with the contents of the article you are reading.

That’s the Way to Increase Blog Visitors Easily . To be able to receive maximum results, do the above methods consistently. That’s all for writing this time. May be useful.

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