How to insert different page numbers in Word

Easy Ways to Change Page Numbering in Ms Word


 Easy Way to Change Page Numbering in Microsoft Word . , in the event this time I will share with friends all about making and changing the numbering on ms wordMs Word is a subah software or office application that belongs to Microsoft Office. In addition to Microsoft Word there are also other Microsoft software that you often use such as Microsoft Power Point for presentations, Microsoft Excel for processing data in the form of numbers. Meanwhile, in addition to the three software products from Microsoft Office, there are indeed other softwares, but rarely used such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Info Path Designer, Microsoft Info Path Filler, Microsoft Onenote, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Office Tools.

Microsoft Office itself has developed with very rapid development in my opinion. Starting from microsoft 1997 – 2003 which is still simple, microsoft 2007, microsoft, 2010, microsoft 2013, to microsoft 2016. Where in each version the office has added various new features such as microsoft 1997-2003 which previously had no save as pdf feature but in Microsoft 2007 there is a save as pdf even though we have to install the add-in tools first and in its development in Microsoft Office 2010 and above the save as feature already exists without reinstalling the add-in tools. In addition to these features, of course there are still various other features that have been developed by Microsoft Office.

Create page numbers or numbering on Microsoft Word pages.

As I said earlier, that Microsoft Word has a variety of features, one of which is the insert menu. In this insert menu has been around since the 1997 office with the functions inside it already has various kinds of additions, and in this insert menu for an office worker who is often used is to make a normalization in the work document. Page numbering functions to make it easier for us to see the intended page when we want to read it. To make page numbering in Ms Word very easy, friends can follow the way as follows:

  1. Select insert menu
  2. on the insert menu, on the right there is the page number writing just click the small triangle sign, then friends will be displayed several sub menus.
  3. friends can choose if you want the page number to appear on the page either right aligned, left or centered then friends can choose the top of page  sub menu but if friends want to make the page number appear below the page either right, left aligned or middle then friends can choose the sub menu bottom of page .
  4. just click what you want in the sub menu above, the page number will automatically appear.

For more details, friends can see the picture below


make a page number in ms word


Changing the page number or page number in Ms Word

In addition we can create page numbers in Ms Word, we can also change pages or edit the page whether it’s changing page numbers that automatically appear with the first number (1), or changing page number styles with lowercase roman numerals, uppercase roman numerals , normal numbers, and others. To change the page number or page number in Ms Word itself, friends can follow the way below:

  1. as when we make the page, just select the insert menu
  2. on the insert menu on the right there is a page number menu .
  3. just click the small triangle on the right of the page number , then several sub menus will appear.
  4. Select the sub menu format page numbers , then friends will display the dialog box
  5. in the dialog box, friends can change the style of the page number and edit the number sequence. For the style number on the display above, just click as you wish and as for changing the numbering order and starting numbering numbers like from 1 to 5, friends can change the continue from previous section button with Strat as .
  6. in the Strat column as friends can fill it or replace it with a number according to the wishes of friends.
  7. if so, then the last step is to just click OK.

For more details, friends can see the picture below.

change the page number in ms word


change the page number in ms word

Thus my article on How to Easily Change Page Numbering in Microsoft Word .  May be useful. Amen

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