How to Make Android a Universal TV Remote

How to Make Android a Universal TV Remote


How to Make Android a Universal TV Remote – Actually, the way Android is a TV remote control has been written by websites, Android forums, kaskus, blogs, or other media in Indonesia. But once feel the need to also write it down, because apparently there are still many who do not know that android phones can be used as a substitute for universal television remotes for almost all brands, be it LG, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony Bravia, Sharp, Sanyo, Samsung, Polytron, and others.

The rapid development of advanced cellphone technology, especially Android, has become a multi-function device that has many advantages. On some smart phones or Android tablets, you can even do it without installing an app or software again, although also on other phones a third party application is needed that you can download for free on the Google Play Store.

Perhaps because many of us are lazy to read the tutorials in the guide book included in the cell phone sales package, apps that are sometimes very useful to make it easier to watch television shows are not known. We can change Android to a TV remote to change channels / channels and increase or decrease the sound volume and others like a regular tv remote.

Unfortunately not all Android smartphones can be used as a TV remote, only a few devices that have IR (InfraRed) features. And unlike the past where infra red is used as a media for data transfer, and there are even in many low end mobile phones. Now this infra red feature can only be found on high end android smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 3 Neo, Galaxy Mega 6.3, HTC One, HTC One Max, Sony Xperia Z2, LG G2, LG G2 mini, LG Optimus L9 II, and LG Pro 2 only have this feature.

Uniquely, besides being able to be used as a television remote, this cellphone can also be used as a substitute for other electronic equipment remotes, which include a DVD player, air conditioner (AC), and even a Sound System and Home Teather. That’s why it’s also called Universal Remote, because it can indeed be multi-device.

On Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3, you can use the default application, the WatchON Application. If you have already deleted it, you can still re-download it on Google Playstore. While on other smartphones that have an IR (infra red) feature, you can use the IR Remote application available on the Google Play Store.

While on other smartphones, my friend must first buy a smart tv that is now widely available, but indeed the price is still exorbitant and is very expensive. If you have a smart tv, the remote connection channel is more diverse, it can be via Bluetooth or WiFi. So all android smartphones can be used as a remote.

Here are some ways to make Android a TV remote:

1. Make Android a TV or AC Remote with WatchON (Samsung)

If this is your first time using this application, you must be connected to the internet. Because the WatchON application will download several features in it. Similarly, if it has not been updated, it should be updated first so that all features can run smoothly. If so, here’s how to use it.

1. Preparation stage.
Open the WatchOn app >> Click SELECT COUNTRY or REGION

Select Indonesia >> Choose the pay TV that you are using. If you are a Orange TV customer, you can choose Telkomvision. If your provider is not available, just select Indovision >> options will appear for personalization, just select skip >> terms and conditions for application usage will appear, select Agree >> After that a homepage will appear showing the schedule of images in the form of movie posters.

2. Remote setup stage for TV and Top Box (receiver / decoder / if applicable).

On the homepage, press the remote icon in the upper right corner of the screen to set the TV settings >> select Continue >> select according to your TV brand. If it’s not there, click Show Other Brands >> click the Power button to turn on the TV >> if the TV can live perfectly click YES, This Code One Work. If you can’t live, press Send This Code One Again to repeat. If it doesn’t work, press No, test next code xx (according to the code number) and keep repeating until you can. If you can’t, please be patient with your fate: D, report to the application developer that there are bugs in it. And (if you are still patient) repeat from the beginning. >> if you have, the Set-top Box and My …. TV options will appear (according to your tv brand). If your TV uses TV with a regular antenna (analog), select My … TV and the process is complete. If you use a receiver / decoder, select Set-top Box. And continue >> select the top box brand (receiver / decoder) according to what you have >> continue like the TV set-up step above.

3. After all the steps in the setup are complete, your Android phone can now be used as a TV Remote. How to use it simply open the application, then press the remote button in the upper right corner.

If you have several different TVs, for example in the living room with a room, or with an office television, you can also add settings. Namely by pressing the menu button (after opening WatchOn), then select settings, and select add room. Then adjust as the steps that have been explained.

If you subscribe to cable TV, on the homepage of this application you can also see the schedule (though not all providers are supported). For settings to minimize the number of schedules, select only the channels that you subscribe to. The trick, on the homepage press the menu button, then select the channel. Please remove the check mark on the unsubscribed channel.

You can also make your Android a remote DVD player, Blu-Ray Player, AV receiver, streaming media player, and air conditioner (AC). The trick, press the menu button, select add device, then select according to the device you want. Later settings will appear as when my friend set the tv earlier. Do it to the end, and your mobile phone has now become a universal remote that can control all electronic devices that you have.

2. Making Android As Remote Tv with Third Party Applications

For other smartphones that have an IR (Infra Red) feature but are not supported by the WatchOn application, you can use a third-party remote application that is widely available on the Google Play Store. One of them is IR Remote, the following is how to use it.

  • Download and install the IR Remote application from the Google Play Store
  • Run the application and you will be given several menu options.
  • Select ‘IR Database’ to display a list of television brands / brands, and select according to your tv brand.
  • After that my friend will be taken to a home whose interface is very similar to an ordinary remote.
  • Done, my friend can now change TV channels and adjust the volume with an android phone.

In addition to the IR Remote application, you can try Samsung IR-Universal Remote, LG TV Remote, TV Remote Control Pro, Remote Control Collection, Universal TV Remote, and others. Interestingly, this application actually offers a much more complete feature, such as being used to regulate air conditioners, DVD players, HiFi, DSLR Cameras, Car Audio, Xbox 360 and others.

Here is a brief review and how to use some of these other applications.

Samsung IR-Universal Remote

As the name suggests, this application connection uses InfraRed. With the application offered in 2 versions (free and paid / Pro), an Android smartphone or tablet can be used as a TV remote, air conditioner, DVD player, BluRay, Cable / Satellite Boxes, Media Player, Home Cinema, Audio System, HiFi, Xbox 360, RGB LEDs and more.

The interface and use of the remote features in this application are also not the same, but are designed to resemble the remote control interface according to the type and brand. After opening this application, you can directly choose the remote control mode, and directly practice it to the electronic device until it is suitable.

LG TV Remote

For friends who have LG Smart TV brands, it is more appropriate to use this remote control application (although it may also run on other smart tv). The application developed by LG Electronics specifically for smart television is a control tool for all LG Smart TVs directly from an Android smartphone.

To use this application, an Android smartphone and a smart TV must be connected to the same WiFi network.

You can set special entertainment channels, display home TV, adjust volume and more. What’s interesting about this smart tv is, you can connect this application with all the other applications that you install, including sharing (sharing) to social networks about what you are watching.

How? Friend, have you changed Android to become a universal remote or did you just know from this article? or according to my friend there are other applications that are far better than the ones in this review? tell and other friends by writing it in the comments column.

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