How to Open Android Locksreen Without Service

How to Open Android Locksreen Without Service


Locksreen is one of the features embedded in an Android device that acts as one of the additional security features to ensure your Android can not be broken into by other people just like that. Another benefit is to provide protection when your Android is dropped or lost and found by others because other people do not know the pattern to open it so they can’t open it.

Actually the benefits of Android locksreen are good, especially in the protection measures to secure Android, but if it turns out you as the owner forgot the password then this certainly creates a problem. You will not be able to use your Android because your Android is locked. If you are already in this condition, what usually comes to your mind is to find a solution by bringing Android to a service provider so that it can be used again as before.

If this really happens wait a minute, don’t panic and don’t rush to take it to a service man. Apparently, there are a number of tips to unlock Android locksreen locked without a service that you can apply.

How to Open Android Locksreen Without Service


How to Open Android Locksreen Without Service

What are some of the tips for opening Android locksreen locked without the service? Check out tips for unlocking Android locksreen without the following services.

1. Forgot Pattern Features

To unlock Android locksreen you can use the Forgot Pattern feature that will appear if you have entered wrong 5 times in the lockscreen pattern. Later you are asked to enter your Google account username and password as the initial step to verify Android ownership. When it’s finished then Google will then send your unlock pattern or you can choose to create a new pattern.

2. Android Device Manager

Take advantage of the Android Device Manager service to unlock unlock Android locksreen. In this step, you only need to select the lock option in your Android Device Manager user interface. Wait a moment until you are asked to enter a new password to change your old pattern. The time needed in this process only takes about 5 minutes and after that you can use your Android again.

3. Emergency Call

The Emergency Call feature can be used to unlock Android locksreen by selecting the option then entering your sign * a number of times. Then continue the double tap on your sign * then copy paste it until your lockscreen can open.

4. Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

If you want a more powerful way to unlock Android locksreen, you can connect your Android to a computer to access ADB. To use it, you just have to do 2 types of short steps, namely enter the ADB installation directory and open CMD.

5. Safe Mode

In an effort to unlock Android lockscreen locked with Safe Mode you must first run this type of mode. The trick, hold the power button until the turn off option then hold the option until you notice Safe Mode. Next, delete all data through the third-party locksreen application that you installed.

6. Factory Reset

If you have already tried these methods but still fail to unlock Android locksreen then there is still the most effective way to overcome them with Factory Reset. Press and hold the volume down + power button to access the bootloader then select Recovery Mode. If you have successfully entered into Recovery Mode then select Opss Factory Reset or wipe data to delete your old locksreen.

That’s the tips to unlock Android locksreen locked without the service that was presented in this opportunity. These tips will be very useful and help you especially if you experience the same problem that is if you forget your locksreen password so that your lockscreen becomes locked and can’t open so you can’t use your Android.

Good luck with these smart tips and good luck. You do not need to bring your favorite Android to a handyman service and can handle it yourself at home with a number of tips that you can use.

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