How to Overcome Instagram which can’t be Opened

How to Overcome Instagram which can’t be Opened


How to Overcome Instagram that Can’t Be Opened – Maybe for those of you who use 
Instagram, you certainly already know this social media photo sharing well. Instagram is a popular social media and is widely used by people from all over the world. The data also notes that Instagram users are increasing day by day.

But along with the increasing number of Instagram users causing many complaints about the Instagram application. The most common complaint is the Instagram application that cannot be opened.

Actually there are many possibilities that cause Instagram applications can not be opened. Here are 5 alternative ways you can use to deal with Instagram that can’t be opened.

How to Overcome Instagram which can’t be Opened

1. Problems with the Smartphone that You Use

Based on experience that is most often the cause of the Instagram application cannot be opened is a problem on the smartphone. Problems with smartphones, for example, too many applications open at the same time. This causes the performance of the smartphone to slow down or even the smartphone can die suddenly.

But smartphones that experience problems like this are the type of smartphone that has a small RAM size. The smartphone that I have includes a smartphone that has a small RAM. To solve the problem, the Instagram application cannot be opened by shutting down or stopping other unused applications.

For example, on your smartphone, the Facebook, LINE, BBM, UC Browser, Play Store, Game Clash of Clans and other applications are running. If you want to play Instagram you should stop other apps besides Instagram, so that the smartphone only focuses on Instagram. This will make it easier for smartphones to run Instagram.

2. Problems with Instagram Servers

As websites in general can at any time down. Instagram is built in the form of a website. For certain times Instagram can be down so it cannot be opened. This could be the reason Instagram cannot be opened. If this has happened we as users cannot do much. All we can do is wait for the Instagram server to recover.

3. Problems with the Instagram Application You Use

For certain smartphones there are usually those who have entered the default Instagram application from the smartphone. Usually often the default smartphone application can not be used because it has been too long. To overcome this problem you can update or update the Instagram application with the latest version.

4. Internet Network Problems

To use Instagram you certainly have to be connected to the Internet network. If you have a slow internet connection or don’t have an internet connection then you won’t be able to access Instagram. The solution to this is to use a good internet network such as wifi or a provider with good internet network quality.

5. Your Instagram Application Contains Lots of Trash

For applications that are connected to the internet will usually produce junk files. This garbage file is actually useful for a certain time, but if the file has expired, it can be a nuisance. Quite often such junk files become files that cause us to not be able to open the Instagram application.

I myself have found junk files in the Instagram application that I use that amount to 100 MB. For a smartphone the size of 100 MB is a fairly large amount. This amount of garbage also causes me to not be able to open Instagram.

The solution I did was to delete this junk file with the help of the Clean Master application. In addition to the Clean Master application you can also delete trash manually from the Instagram application. The way to Settings> Apps> Instagram> Clear Cache. Please note that be careful in deleting junk files or Instagram cache files because if you delete the wrong application can cause the Instagram application to be deleted from the smartphone.


Those are some steps that you can use to overcome the problem of smartphones that cannot be opened. The points conveyed here are only alternatives. Later you can use only one of them.

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