How to Overcome the Headset Sound Side by Side in Windows

How to Overcome the Headset Sound Side by Side in Windows


Have you ever experienced a one-sided headset / one-sided headset when listening to a song or watching a video on a Windows laptop / PC? There are headsets that die on the left, but some are dead on the right.

Do not rush to conclude the headset is damaged or there is a problem on your laptop. It could be that the problem only exists in the content that you are listening to. If this is the reason why your headset / headphones / speaker sounds one-sided , then this way you can overcome it.

Windows 10 users

For you Windows 10 users, you can easily set Windows audio output to be mono through Settings> Ease of Access> Other Options> and in Audio Options, change the option to On.

That way Windows will change the audio output that was previously stereo to mono, so that your headset that previously only sounded one side will sound normal and the sound of both.

Windows 7/8 users

Whereas for you Windows 7/8 users, there are no settings provided like in Windows 10. You have to install a third party application that is VoiceMeeter.

Download VoiceMeeter here

After that install, and after the installation process you will be asked to restart the PC first.

After that, make sure VoiceMeeter is the default audio playback on your Windows, by right-clicking audio from System Tray> Playback devices.

Make sure VoiceMeeter Input is the default playback device – if not, right-click and Set as Default device.

After that open VoiceMeeter, and in the Hardware Out panel, select the hardware output in A1 or A2, for example a headset. After that click Mono until it is active.


In this way the problem of the one-sided headset or the headset dead next on a Windows laptop / PC will be resolved. Of course this method does not apply if it turns out there is indeed damage in your headset, but in many cases the headset that sounds / turns off is indeed caused by problems in the audio content.

Of course you can restore it to stereo again for content with normal stereo audio and without problems.

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