How to Prevent Corona Virus from Entering Our Body

How to Prevent Corona Virus from Entering Our Body


Maybe you are familiar with this one virus, yes corona virus is a virus that is being viral lately. The corona virus was first encountered in the Chinese Bamboo Curtain country or what we often call China.

Did you know that this corona virus spreads when virus particles can enter through the eyes, nose and mouth. Therefore, when you encounter people who cough / sneeze / get sick (one of the characteristics of people affected by the corona virus) then avoid them with a distance of 0.5 – 2 M to keep you safe from the reach of the virus particles. In addition to your safety, give them a mask so they can cough / sneeze in the mask to protect the people around.

In general, we may not know which person is suffering from corona. For that, avoid the crowd because people infected with the corona virus may not show any symptoms either coughing or sneezing. But you need to know that even so they can still transmit the disease.

You need to know too, sometimes the saliva of a sick person infected with the corona virus can stick to various objects such as their hands, doorknobs, mice, train handles, tissues, glasses, digital devices, elevator buttons or banisters and sometimes even sticking on the outside mask. If you accidentally touch those objects, then touch your face or the face of your friend then you could be sick too infected by the corona virus. Therefore, to avoid this it would be nice before you touch the face first to wash your hands.

This virus can stick to the surface of objects for more than 24 hours and the only effective way to eradicate it is to wash it using soap. Therefore we need tofollow the 5 steps to prevent avoid corona virus .

First, do  n’t touch your face or other people’s faces.

Even if you have to touch your face, wash your hands thoroughly with soap first. The whole purpose is to wash from the back of the palm of the hand, chewing the fingers, the bottom of the nail to the elbows. After that, wait for 20 seconds so that your hands are neutral from the corona virus.
Second, remove the mask after it feels dirty and don’t wear the mask for more than one day.

Bacteria can multiply in your mask if worn for too long, so don’t wear a mask for more than one day. In addition, you should not touch the outside of the mask because it could be that outside your mask there are corona virus particles. But if you’ve touched it, don’t worry and panic. You can wash your hands as soon as possible using soap.

Third, don’t share food, cutlery, glass and towels.

To avoid corona virus particles, it’s best to use disposable spoons, plates and serving glasses. You should not borrow or use other people’s things that you think have a corona virus infection because with these items you might be infected.

Fourth, you can open the door using your elbows.

If your hands want to be sterile from virus particles then you can use your elbows to open the door or you can also use a hand mask. That way you will be difficult to contract the corona virus.

Fifth, Always wash your hands with soap.

Wash your hands with soap either before eating or after going to public places. We must remember, that corona virus particles can enter through your eyes, nose and mouth. Therefore keep your hands clean and keep your face with a mask.

Thus the article  How to Prevent Corona Virus Entering in Our Body . May be useful. Amen

For further reading and information you can download the corona infographic or read the references below:

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