How to see Android and Laptop HP IP Addresses

How to see Android and Laptop HP IP Addresses


How to see Android and Laptop HP IP Addresses . As per the title above, today I will share a tutorial on how to view or find out the IP Address on a laptop / computer and an Android smartphone. IP Address is the identification address for each device that is connected to the internet.

IP Address is a series of numbers and each different device has a different IP (Internet Protocol) address. IP address can be used to track the whereabouts of these devices as well as traces of internet users.

To be able to take advantage of the use of IP Address as above, of course first you must know the IP Address of the device.

Actually there are so many ways to see the IP address on a computer. However, here I will share how to see IP addresses through CMD (Command Prompt), through Network Connections and there is still more that you can refer to in the tutorial below.

How to Know the Laptop’s IP Address (Computer or PC)

If you connect your laptop or PC with an internet network or a local network, then your computer will have a specific IP address as the device identification address. Then there are three ways you can do to check your laptop’s IP address.

How to Know the Laptop’s IP Address Through CMD

First, click Start >> Search Run or you can use the Windows + R shortcut combination on the keyboard.

Then after the Run window appears, type  cmdin the field provided to display the Command Prompt window .

Then in the Command Prompt window , type ipconfigafter that press Enter . Within seconds, the Command Prompt will then display the IP Configuration of your computer.

In addition to displaying an IP address, some information such as the default gateway and others will also be displayed. And to find out your computer’s IP Address that is usually the IPv4.

How to Know the Laptop’s IP Address Through Network Connections

First, click  Start  >> Search  Run  or you can use the Windows + R shortcut combination   on the keyboard.

Then after the Run window appears, type ncpa.cpl then press Enter.

Select the connection profile that is active or you are currently using (usually the active connection is marked with a green signal icon), then right-click then select Status .

Then click Details , for your laptop’s IP Address select the IPv4 Address .

When you want to see the IP Address on a laptop or computer. Make sure you are connected to the internet network.


How to find out the laptop’s IP address, Open Network and Settings

First, right-click on the right network taskbar icon, then select Open Network & Internet Settings .

Then, select View your network properties , then select the connection or network used. To find out what connection you are connected to, look in the Connectivity (IPv4 / IPv6) section and make sure it says Connected .

How to Know the IP Address on an Android Phone

How to view the IP Address on Android Phone is easy, you just go to  Settings / Pengeturan / Settings >> About Phone / About Phone >> Status . Then your IP address will appear along with other information such as IMEI number or Wi-Fi MAC address.

Thus the tutorial How to See IP Address Laptop and HP Android . Hopefully the tutorial that I shared can be useful for you. See you next posting. Greetings.

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