How to See Path Moments Without Friends

How to See Path Moments Without Friends


How to See Path Moments Without Friends – Even though Path is n’t as big as Facebook, Path is quite popular with social media users in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the many Indonesians who still want to know more about Path. Many of them are also looking for tips and tricks as well as Path tutorials on the internet.

How to see Moment Path without friends?

This time we will also talk about Path, which is about how to see the Path account of other people who are not yet friends on Path. Actually it needs to be straightened out that in essence we cannot see the Path moments that we are not yet friends with.

If you are not yet friends we also cannot see your complete profile. We only see profile photos, cover photos and the number of moments shared by the doi.

For a solution so that we can see the moments of the prayers we should be friends first. Even then, if the friendship is accepted, but if the friendship is rejected you can not see the profile of the doi.

To see the profile and moments of the doi you can use the Path account of other people who are friends with the doi. We don’t need to worry about getting caught because the caught feature in Path has been removed.

Actually this is good news for those of you who like stalking Path moments friends, crush or ex. Right now you are free to stalking anyone, and I have also proven myself. I’m stalking a friend’s account, and there’s no notification getting caught.

In essence you cannot see the moment of a Path account that is not yet friends. In order to see the moment we have to be friends on Path. Another solution is that you can use someone else’s Path account to see your child’s moments.

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