Optimizing Xiaomi Camera Photo Results Like DSLRs

Optimizing Xiaomi Camera Photo Results Like DSLRs


Optimizing Xiaomi Camera Photo Results Like DSLRs – Taking pictures of objects that are considered attractive with quality results such as DSLR cameras can of course be done with an Android smartphone capitalNo exception to Xiaomi smartphones or cellphones. It only takes a few important settings to make a Xiaomi smartphone so it can produce shots of the very expensive DSLR camera class.

The good news again, this method can be applied to all types of Xiaomi smartphones, such as Xiaomi Mi4 Mi5 Mi6, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 3 4 5, Xiaomi Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2, Mi Note 2 3 and other types of Xiaomi.

For those of you who want to do photography but are faced with inadequate financial conditions, or you who want to try something new, want to experiment to show off photos on social media, you can try starting with Xiaomi smartphones. It is recommended that Xiaomi mobile phones are available.

For setting Xiaomi mobile to get the results of images such as DSLR cameras , please follow the following tips.


How to Use Xiaomi Cameras Like DXLR Cameras


  • First, prepare your Xiaomi cellphone. If you don’t have it, go to the cellphone shop, near the right hand corner of the restaurant, which is a few meters from there, Pertamina. Buy a Xiaomi cell phone there, then follow the steps below.
  • Make sure the area of ​​the object you want to take has enough light.
  • Open the Xiaomi mobile camera application.
  • Activate the HDR feature. Activating this feature will turn off the flash function.
  • Aim the camera at the object you want to take.
  • Adjust the use of light. How to tap / press just once (then remove the tap) on the screen. After that tap again (hold tap) in the direction of the up-down arrow. Shifting up will increase light reception, and sliding down will decrease light reception on the camera. At this stage, decrease the light capacity slightly, by sliding down.
  • Adjust the focus of the object by playing the position of the hp camera, stopping at the right focus accuracy.
  • Ambi pictures several times. On Xiaomi phones how to take pictures with a lot of capacity is quite easy to do, namely by long press on the round button (button to interpret the photo).
  • Please see the results.

Note, to get the best results, it is strongly not recommended to increase the capacity of light. Because it will only make the image blurry. If the light around the object feels lacking, use a light source from lighting or other.

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