Overcoming the Android Play Store Cannot Download

Overcoming the Android Play Store Cannot Download


Overcoming the Android Play Store Cannot Download – Android tablets and smartphones that we use will be much more leverage to use if many applications are installed. Unlimited, be it an application to increase productivity, entertainment, social networking media or even games. Especially if the Android Smartphone or Tablet that we use is a superior product. Whether it’s Samsung Galaxy, Asus Zenfone, Soni Xperia, LG, Motorola, Andromax Smartfren, Advan and other flagsip products.

On the other hand problems will arise, when the default application is felt to be less than the maximum to help our daily activities, then we also need additional applications that must be downloaded from the Play Store. How to download and install applications from Play Store is very easy, we only need to log in, search for applications then tap the install button. It’s just that some users will experience problems while undergoing the process. Especially if it’s not a download failure or you can’t even download it from the Play Store. Then what is the cause and how to overcome it?

Cause Can Not Download Applications From Google Play Store

If talking about the causes, of course between users with each other will experience different problems. Check out the following explanation.
Slow internet connection. I am talking about data packages from the SIM card which we also use to run GPS applications, Facebook, BBM, Whatsapp and other applications that work in the background so that when the Play Store application requests that it doesn’t get the internet connection.
There is a message “Not enough available storage” or “insufficient storage available”. This excellent guide tells us that we must provide storage space for new applications that we will download.
Too much cache not cleared. Cache is a temporary file that is automatically created by every Android application to speed up their performance. But did you know that this temporary file can be corrupted and prevent other processes that cause errors.

How to Overcome Failed to Download Application from Google Play Store

Above are only common causes that often occur because there are still many other reasons why you can not download applications from Play Store. Do the following way to overcome it.

  1. Change APN (Acess Point Name). By doing this we will use an alternative APN in accordance with the services of the SIM card that you use in order to speed up internet connection.
  2. Open the Play Store application then tap My Apps. There you will see the application installed. Cancel the install process and the update process.
  3. Tap Settings> Application manager> All> Search for Google Play Store application then tap “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”. We clear the cache of the google play store application only.
  4. Tap Settings> Application manager> All> Search for Google Play Store application then tap “Uninstall updates”. By doing this, the Google Play Store application will return to the initial version right the first time we use the Smartphone.
  5. Activate Download Manager. Tap Settings> Application manager> All> Find the Download Manager application then tap “Enable”.
  6. Turn off your Android Smartphone or Tablet then remove the battery, external memory (MicroSD) and SIM card. Let the chipset not receive energy from the battery for a few minutes after it is turned on again.
  7. Perform a factory reset or try to download the application with a new SIM card.

The method above is the way I usually do when it fails and can’t download the application from Play Store. Perform these steps and good luck to download new applications on Android Smartphones and Tablets.

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