The process of withdrawing money at BRI BNI BCA bank

The process of withdrawing money at BRI BNI BCA bank


The process of withdrawing money at a bank BRI BNI BCA – How to withdraw cash or withdraw money in a bank office with a passbook I will explain in detail, how to explain the process of taking money at a bank with a large amount we cannot take it at ATM BRI BNI BCA because the machine it is only based on a day of maximum withdrawal of 5 to 10 million per 24 hours depending on the policies of each bank, this is the stage of taking money at the bank when you enter your bank.

If you take money at the bank, you will get a lot of benefits, especially if you don’t charge a discounted fee and also update your passbook printing, but you will need to make a large amount of money in at least a range of 10 million or more if you can, because the related bank has a policy different rules.

Explanation of Cash Withdrawals inside the ATM Machine

  • For BRI BANK Maximum withdrawal of money is 5 million scales within 24 hours of withdrawing money, on top of that money cannot be due to restrictions per day, and 20 million maximum remittances per day.
  • At BNI BANK, a maximum of 5 million can be taken at an ATM machine and a maximum of 50 million per day for sending money to other banks. (depending on the type of savings).
  • At BANK BCA, the maximum threshold for taking ATM machines is 7 million per day.


The process of withdrawing money from BRI and BCA BRI banks

  • First is to prepare several copies of your KTP as the BANK usually asks for a copy of your KTP as proof of your first withdrawal.
  • Then prepare a related passbook and don’t forget to bring an ATM card and also an ID card.
  • Please go to your destination BANK then ask to the SATPAM what you will do, if withdrawing money please fill in first WITHDRAWAL FORM will later be guided by the bank when you are called by the BANK Teller.
  • Don’t forget to take the serial number next to the entrance as the teller bank queue number when you are called before you go to the bank teller.
  • If there are deficiencies or errors when writing the withdrawal form it will be guided by the bank teller, such as an error in filling the amount of money, or the date of withdrawal.
  • Then give your savings book which later will have a TOKEN to swipe the ATM Card, please tie up your ATM and please fill in your PIN on the TOKEN that looks like a mini cellphone and a small calculator.
  • After the teller checks and enters the internet to check on their official website, there will be a successful notification if the process is successful, and the teller will count the amount of money you will receive.
  • Don’t forget to ask the bag to not be overwhelmed when receiving money.


Other Alternatives

If in a BCA bank you have 20 million and you want to take it away from your home, then the solution is to send money at the BCA ATM to another BANK ATM you have, for example if you have a BRI bank, just send it to the BRI bank so you can withdraw your money go to the nearest BRI BANK in your home.

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