Tips for Charger Smartphone Battery for Long Lasting

Tips for Charging a Smartphone Battery for Long Lasting – Nowadays smartphones are a very popular item in the world of technology. A smartphone is a device that faithfully accompanies you whenever and wherever you are. With this tool you can also do many things, such as checking e-mail, being active on social networks, and utilizing the entertainment that is available therein.

In general, smartphone batteries will last for 2-3 years. However, many smartphone users cannot enjoy the battery for that long. Some battery charging tips below might be a solution for you, so that the battery lasts longer.

1. Don’t wait until the battery is completely discharged

Never let your battery run out to total death or zero percent. Unlike the old nickel-based batteries, if you charge a li-ion or li-polymer battery until the smartphone is totally dead, it will worsen its quality and shorten the battery’s life. Because, at the same time, the battery charge process from 0-50% will consume more power than the charge of 50-100%.

2. Use the right charger

Although your smartphone can use a charger that comes from another brand, you should try to continue to use the default charger. This is to prevent the battery is overloaded and can cause your battery to explode. In addition, the current smartphone default charger is usually already smart, which already carries the auto current cut feature, which cuts off current to the battery when the battery is full.

3. Do not recharge the battery fully

In addition, do not wait until the battery is completely depleted, so do when you charge. The best way to keep a lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery on a smartphone for a long time is to unplug the charger before your battery is completely full and keep the battery around 40-80%. Even though the smartphone battery is now able to stop the charge when it is fully charged, you should avoid taking a long time to charge because it can make the battery become hot or bulging.

4. Turn off when charging

The more cycles (charge, use, charge, use) will further worsen the performance of the battery. For this reason, you should turn off the device when the battery is charged or at least when it is in sleep mode.

5. Avoid hot spots

Because, one of the main enemies of li-ion batteries and li-polymer is heat. So, as much as possible you avoid the smartphone device from a hot place. Even if it is in an off-state condition, this is very dangerous because the heat temperature can damage the components inside the battery.

6. Don’t get used to overnight

This habit is indeed not good for Smartphone devices, although now some chargers can automatically disconnect the electric current if the power has been 100 percent charged. Leaving the battery in a 100% condition continuously is not very good. Charging the battery up to 100% condition many times is better than too often leaving the battery at 0% or 100% continuously.

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