Tips on How to Manage a Website

Tips on How to Manage a Website – Maybe you are currently asking why your website is getting better and worse, even coming down from SERP. This might be one of the big questions for you at this time. Error in managing the website is not much aware of this. Here I will give a little about tips on managing the website will be able to continue to be on the search page and mainly to continue to survive on the search page.

This is not an easy job, because we know that our competitors might also do things that of course we don’t know about. For this one thing that we must do is improve ourselves or reorganize properly, so that the website can continue on the search page without any decline. Here are some tips on how to manage a website that you must do so that the website can continue on the search page.

Post Updates

The first one thing that we often forget is about posting to our website, this is indeed an easy job, but not many people want to post with the right agent. Many things are wrong in this case, you also need to know that no matter how Google or other search engines, very happy with a website that continues to provide the latest information, it means that if your current website does not frequently update it will certainly be easily displaced by your competitors.

To post there are no recommendations for every day, but at least in one week at least there must be a new one or maybe in one month 3 times this post will have a positive impact on your website. Remember…!!! search engines will continue to grow to find websites that always provide the latest information.

Check the speed of your site

Managing a website is not easy, but if your website gets heavier every day it will not be good, for that periodically check your website through online tools such as gtmetrix. With you care about the speed of your site, it will be increasingly difficult for competitors to beat you, the score for site speed if you use gtmetrix must be above 80%. Why check site speed? You also need to know, the current search engine will judge the site by access speed & this rather than to provide a better user experience, that means if your site is slow to be given an exception, & if competitors are faster, then you must accept the results . WordPress users can use the cache plugin to speed up the site. That’s the second point about how to manage a website.

Be aware of broken links

Broken links are also one of the causes of the problem why your website can drop from search results, the more broken links you receive, the worse your website will be in the eyes of search engines. Unconsciously indeed broken links become one of the things that are often ignored by website owners whose effects are not very good. For that immediately fix your site right now, fix all permalinks that cause broken links. This is the next step to managing a website so that it is not easy to slide with competitors.

Avoid high bounce rates

If talking about bounce rate is indeed not easy, the thing is we do not know how a visitor can linger on our website and open other pages, but by providing a better experience such as the latest content by linking old content or providing related posts and widgets will provide users referral to open another page. Bounce rate is also a problem if we let it. For that try to reduce the bounce rate so that the website can continue to serp.

Update the plugin version

Especially for wordpress platform users often do not consider about updating plugins or themes. This is one of the wrong things about managing a website, although this does not have a significant impact on SEO, but with the latest version update will reduce new problems in managing a website. For that, if you see an update plugin, do an update immediately so that the website does not occur in the future.

Those are some important points that I often do to manage a website. Don’t continuously focus on link building to maintain your website’s position, but focus on our own website, only after that do things from the outside. Link building does not always provide positive things for the site, looking for good and natural links, this will be better than you diving from the wrong website.

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